Cooktown to Palmer Volume 1


ISBN: 978-0-9757750-1-1 2007

The maps, town plans, photos, statistics and anecdotal history of deserted towns and camps of the Palmer River Goldfields and Cooktown Tin fields.

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The Palmer River Goldfield was Queensland's biggest gold field which in its heyday had the gazetted towns of Byerstown, Degarra, Evandale, Gregory, Groganville, Hamilton, Ida, Marton, Maytown as well as 26 camps.


Initial propecting showed gold for 35 miles upstream. The warden's residence was initially at Palmerville but soon moved to Edwardstown closer to the centre of the field. The town was soon renamed Maytown. The road from Cooktown came via the infamous HellsGates, scene of many ambushes by aboriginals ....