Deserted Towns of North Queensland

Colin Hooper, engineer and historian is the renowned author of a series of books on North Queensland Deserted Towns. Decades of ongoing research and field trips have resulted in the publication of deserted towns books. The research is ongoing as the demise of towns continues.

The Constitution Bill of 1892 was passed proposing the state of North Queensland. The southern border was to be latitude 12o20'S. It was never enacted because of impending Federation. This is the first of a series of books on the North Queensland districts and the many deserted towns and camps to be found in them. The series is structured to facilitate visiting the sites mentioned in them while feeling an affinity for them and those who made such places home.

To a large extent the land itself formed their character to go out into the country alone as many did, to face the enormity of this land as an insignificant speck of humanity who, when night shrinks the horizons, is still overawed by the immensity of the stars, is to come face to face with yourself. It is a process by which even the proudest and most arrogant always returns humbled. But they also come back strong. It is a true initiation, and initiation not possible in an urban environment, surrounded by people and noise

I hope the books give you much pleasure as travelling to them and recording their details has given me.

- Colin Hooper.


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